Samuel Cintrón, CEO and lead designer of Cintrón Vidal Design Group, uses the human condition as his palette and our collective spirit as his muse. 

With more than 25 years of experience as a successful multidisciplinary artist, gallery owner and set and stage designer, Cintrón is committed to excellence, passion and aesthetic innovation in interiors. He designs residential, office, retail and restaurant spaces that embody the vision of his clientele. 


Cintrón is a contemporary art dealer, curator and advisor based in the metro-New York area. He and Lisette Vidal, his wife and business partner, are also avid art collectors. Their collection includes works from some of the finest artists of the 21st century.

His innate ability to recognize and articulate the inseparable thread that connects people to their interiors gives him an exclusive edge as an art advisor. Cintrón introduces his clientele to the limitless possibilities that exist when they blend avant-garde designs and contemporary art to vitalize and bring depth to their environments. 

Samuel Cintrón



I work closely with each client, from the moment an idea is conceived to when the perfectly detailed finishing touches are complete, to transform interiors into exquisite visual landscapes."


Design is a visual manifestation of intelligence that elicits physiological and emotional responses."

Samuel Cintrón thoughtfully weds contemporary art and a theatrical approach to interior design to create distinct interiors that enrich the lives of those who experience and interact with them — whether momentarily or for generations.


As an interior designer, Cintrón uses his decades of knowledge, skills and experiences to lead each client on a journey. He invites them to explore the personalized process and understand the purpose behind each design detail.


From modern to minimalistic, extravagant to sophisticated, Cintrón creates interiors that indulge the senses and promote well-being. Architectural styles, millwork and custom-designed furniture enhance interconnectedness and meet a client's needs. Lighting and design elements, intentionally arranged, transform spaces in fresh and unimagined ways.


Exquisite contemporary art is always the centerpiece of any space. Cintrón is as discerning about collecting art as he is about recommending art to his clients. As an art dealer and advisor, he works with established and emerging artists. Cintrón shows only the finest contemporary art on gallery walls and sparks a passion for meaningful art in first-time collectors and refines the collections of art connoisseurs.



Cintrón Vidal Design Group

Cintrón Vidal Design Group exists at the intersection of passion and creativity to inspire clients to embrace the artistry of living with art.


Led by Samuel Cintrón, a respected interior designer, art dealer and advisor, Cintrón Vidal Design Group anchors its processes with intuition and a desire to positively impact the mind, body and spirit of all who enter the spaces they design.


Clients are engaged in every step of the creative process. Cintrón personally teaches them how the history, meaning and intention behind each design choice reflects their desired ambiance, interests and lifestyle.


Magic happens—and the possibilities are limitless—when interior design and contemporary art coalesce. With a keen eye toward the individuality of each client, Cintrón Vidal Design Group creates edgy yet refined interiors. The results? Inspired perfection. 

Cintrón Vidal Design Group introduces collectors to up-and-coming contemporary artists. Building on the soul of the global art world, they curate exhibitions internationally that showcase the work of established fine artists, including the eclectic Duda Penteado and the eccentric Ron English.



We take each client’s vision to a new level and designs interiors that are beyond their wildest dreams.”