Contemporary art examines present-day life within a historical context with an eye toward shaping the future. It sheds light on the issues that challenge our very existence, stimulates the senses and provokes somatic responses.


Cintrón Vidal Design Group represents the work of five elite fine artists: Duda Penteado, Orlando Cuevas, Ron English, Neil Tetkowski and Ray Arcadio. Each of these creatives takes a unique artistic approach—painting, sculpting, street and pop art—to express their sociopolitical voice. They seek to impact culture, improve the human condition and strengthen communities. They don’t just make art for art’s sake.


As an art dealer and advisor, Samuel Cintrón harnesses the connection between these artists’ stories and clients’ aspirational aesthetics to achieve an inspired interior. He nurtures a deeper contextual understanding of each unique piece of art and helps newcomers demystify the complex landscape of art collection. Cintrón teaches clients how to develop a thoughtful, cohesive collection strategy that aligns with their financial parameters and meets their needs.


Those who join the Cintrón Vidal Family of Art Collectors will gain access to exquisite art as well as social and cultural opportunities, including exclusive exhibition viewings, private museum tours with select artists and meetings with curators.


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Duda Penteado believes in the transformative power of art. He sees beauty, composition and style as fundamental to human expression. His work creates “artistic symphonies” that improve society, empower individuals, and inspires creativity, love and hope.


An art educator, cultural activist and lifelong student of human experiences, Penteado practices “artivism” to expose national and global social issues. His artwork reflects historical and artistic perspectives of peace, globalization, diaspora and dual citizenship.


For the last 20 years, he has created paintings and sculptures in response to geopolitical and social phenomena. Through the use of collage, montage, assemblage, readymades and media pranks, Penteado pushes the boundaries of the status quo in his installations.


When creating public art projects, Penteado engages people at every level of the community in the intellectual and creative process. Together, they orchestrate the design and presentation of elaborate, meaningful murals—a combination of visual poetry and cultural dissent that invites discourse, encourages reflection and evokes re/action.


An internationally-renowned fine artist, filmmaker, performer and cultural visionary, Penteado shares time and space between Brazil and the United States. His multidisciplinary work has been exhibited in galleries, cultural institutions and museums throughout the two countries as well as in Europe.




Orlando Cuevas creates artistic paradoxes. His sculptures are playful and somber, nostalgic and full of fearful apprehension, folksy and complex with political allegory. Ancestral ghosts haunt his dollhouses, and his chess sets are armies of marauding gargoyles. A visual artist, Cuevas combines reassembled objects with hand-created forms with precision and purpose to reveal his unfettered, wondrously irrational imagination.




Ron English, the “Godfather of Street Art,” specializes in street art, brand imagery, and advertising. His ubiquitous paintings, billboards and sculptures illustrate his trademark fusion of high and low imagery, superheroes, comic strips and art history iconography. English, who coined the term “POPaganda,” has imagined a vast—and growing—universe of characters that combine craftsmanship with cynical, humorous critiques of American culture.




Neil Tetkowski creates art that communicates far beyond cultural barriers. His paintings and sculptures express the intricacies of human relationships to the natural environment and the interdependency of all people. Currently residing in New York, Tetkowski is an award-winning artist whose work has been featured in nearly 50 museum collections. His signature esthetic and perspectives are embraced throughout the world.




Ray Arcadio is known for his InShapeUniverse and PopRox styles that address the human struggle for self-identity. A New Jersey-based pop artist with a background in street art and graphic design, he incorporates masks, symbols, Indigenous markings and socio-political messages into his work. Arcadio’s distinctive superheroes draw from urban stylization and are influenced by his Dominican roots.