Samuel Cintrón and Duda Penteado


S&D — ART FOUNDATION supports new and emerging artists. It is a virtual and physical space comprising video, music, galleries, and design and art studios. International artists-in-residence are invited to expose, explore and experiment with new ideas and creations.

At S&D — ART FOUNDATION, aesthetic sensibilities and interdisciplinary, intellectual discourse can flourish beyond the oppressive boundaries of postmodern colonialism. This dynamic, interactive collaboration nourishes and catalyzes the creative explosion of ideas and practices between artists and intellectuals. S&D — ART FOUNDATION fuels creative excitement, energy and activity in a radically new way to redefine and strengthen the connective tissue that binds societies, cultures and academia. Synergy with corporate partners provides opportunities for economic growth.


  • Art gallery and design projects

  • Music, theater and theatrical concert productions

  • Virtual lecture series

  • Artist-in-residency integration programs

  • Art installations and exhibitions in museums, cultural institutions, universities, schools and public and private spaces

S&D — ART FOUNDATION — a unique enterprise created by long-time friends and collaborators Samuel Cintrón and Duda Penteado — was formed in the crucible of the ever-changing landscape of cultural, artistic, economic, socio-political realities of the greater New York-metropolitan area.


S&D will nourish an interdisciplinary and creative explosion of ideas and practices."

Samuel Cintrón and Duda Penteado